People Carry the Burden of Paying Installment and Interest While Piles up of Debt Are Left Unused

Rapbn 2016Though yearly budget absorption is always low, the government keeps owing debt. “Ironically, piles of debt are left unused, while all people are burdened with the repayments of interest,” said the Chairman of  Lajnah Siyasiyah of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) to, Abdurrahman Yahya, on Thursday (3/9).

In a hearing with the House of Representatives, on Tuesday (1/9), the Ministry of Transportation Ignatius Jonan stated that the budget absorption of his ministry until August 31, 2015  was only 16.3 percent.

According to Yahya, not only the Ministry of Transportation having the problem of  low budget absorption of expenditures, but also all ministries and institutions until July 31, 2015 only reached Rp 261 trillion, or only 32.8 per cent.

“It sounds useless while the budget absorption is low, the government keeps accumulating debts but left unused, just for an emergency situation, simply to keep the money in the pocket, “he concluded. (, 09/03/2015)

from Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia


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