House Member: The Making of 115 Laws Is Funded by the World Bank, IMF and ADB

m-hatta-taliwangA member of parliament Hatta Taliwang said that foreign institutions had prepared the draft of the changes in Indonesia soon after the fall of Suharto. “Foreign capitalists seemed much more prepared, through the World Bank, the IMF, ADB, they prepared a lot of funds and programs,” he said as quoted by tabloid Media Umat Issue no. 157: “Siapa Mengancam Indonesia” (Who Threatens Indonesia?) on Friday, 20 Dzulqaidah – 3 Dzulqaidah 1436 H / 4 – 17 September 2015.

According to Hatta, not less than 115 laws concerning natural resources such as  oil, minerals, coal, water resources, including almost all aspects of  investment were set up. “There are budgets and other funds to do all of those things from the World Bank and other institutions,” he said.

Hatta said, from Habibie Era (1998) to Gus Dur Era (1999-2000), the parliament was so prolific to make until 80s laws.

“It was all dictated by the IMF and World Bank and ADB and continued until Megawati Era  to make the fourth amendment of  the 1945 Constitution, “he concluded. [] JP/RZ

from Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia


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